Futura - CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


Futura - CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The Futura Laser Cutting is an all-purpose gantry type flying optics laser cutting machine. It is designed to offer high dynamics during high-speed cutting of thin materials while having all the technology and know-how on board to produce stable and consistent parts in thicker material, where the maximum thickness is only limited by the output power of the laser. With the shuttle table in the front of the machine close to the operator access to the cutting head, the operator of the machine has always a full overview of all the steps in the production.

Additional cameras inside the working area and their display on the wide 23” control panel helps further in having full control of what happens at all times, both inside the machine and on the loading and unloading station.

Futura can be equipped with the fiber delivered high-power and high-brightness laser source that best meets your application demands.

The Futura is the Windows based software platform for laser cutting machines offering a modern graphical user interface for all the laser machine’s functions and features, where the operator can manage and manipulate in an intuitive way the laser cutting jobs and programs.

Product Features

On-board database with cutting and piercing parameters for all materials and thicknesses

On-line correction of cutting and piercing parameters during processing

Skeleton cutting function, to cut off the remains of a sheet in a fast and efficient way

Graphical restart at any point by a simple mouse-click on the part geometry where a restart is required

Automatic micro-joints can be added to the program on the machine

Automatic calibration of distance sensor and servo cutting gas valve

Adaptive corner pulse and laser power modulation for optimum cutting results in sharp corners and on special geometries

Lead-in transition function to establish a stable cutting after the piercing procedure by having a smooth change of cutting parameters along the lead-in

Fly cutting when no piercing is required in thin material

Multi-step piercing procedure for a full control of stable piercing parameters in thick materials

Standard equipment

A full-automatic shuttle table for nearly continuous cutting operation

CNC control with virtually unlimited program memory

23” touch screen operator panel with graphical user interface

23” touch screen operator panel with 4 cameras inside the working area

Automatic gas selection valve for three different assist gases

Servo gas valve for precise cutting gas pressure at the cutting head

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